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DIONEKOREA seeks healthy beauty for customers.
Beautiful skin requires ceaseless efforts and management.
Among the hectic schedule of modern people, you can now manage bright and transparent skin conveniently through consistent daily home care without spending much time, using high-cost laser procedure, or going to skin management shop.

With Dione Plus which aims for Perfect Skin Care Technology, we will help our customers to let go of all of their worries about skin trouble.
DIONEKOREA promises best product and quality.
Based on the galvanic ion ultrasonic massage technology from Beauly Dione products of BIONICS Co., Ltd. that were sold on home shopping, we combined the strengths of each product and spent 3 years on R&D for new technology called complex ionzyme, launching Dione Plus, a highly advanced skin management cosmetics equipment.

In a bid to make consistent R&D and to target overseas market, we acquired domestic and international certifications such as ISO9001 and ISO14001, which are international quality standards, as well as KC, CE, FCC, and ROHS. Also, we are making utmost efforts on R&D and quality management by acquiring venture company certification and establishing research center affiliated with the company.

Also, we acquired scientific proof on the skin improvement effect of Dione Plus (DIONE+) through clinical tests on improvements of wrinkles, corneous tissues, skin tone, and internal moisturizing by Korea Institute for Skin and Clinical Sciences, a professional institution on skin clinical testing.
DIONEKOREA pursues the philosophy of customer-centered management.
Based on our philosophy of customer-centered management, we will strive to acquire No. 1 customer satisfaction by providing best quality and stringent post-management.
We will exert best efforts to make you proud that you selected the products of DIONEKOREA.