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1.Probe(ceramic), 2.Lamp for indicating selection, 3.Strength-adjustment button, 4.Strength-indication lamp, 5.Selection button(Face, body, ION), 6.Power button, 7.Hand ion chip, 8.Holder
One-piece of ultrasonic wave and galvanic ion
2 functions of ultrasonic wave and galvanic ion were equipped on 1 unit.
Easy skin management for face and body
Trimming on face and body is possible with simple manipulation.
Stable output of ultrasonic wave
Direct current power system of AC adapter enables stable output of ultrasonic wave.
5-phase skin management system
Ultrasonic wave(face), ultrasonic wave(body), cleansing, nutrient supply, lifting
Increased effects of functional cosmetics
Helps infiltrating functional cosmetics deep into the skin
Product by professional skin cosmetics equipment company
Product by professional skin cosmetics equipment company


Ultrasonic wave

Ultrasonic wave is an energy produced by sonic vibration, whose rate of frequency exceeds approximately 18,000Hz. Sonic energy in ultrasonic wave produces vibration, which is converted to heat, to influence body organs. The effects of ultrasonic wave have been proved by its multiple utilizations on medical business, clinical diagnosis, physical therapy, etc. Ultrasonic wave becomes effective according to number of vibrations per second and the medium that is used. DIONE, an ultrasonic skin cosmetics equipment, delivers 1 million vibrations per second deep into skin epidermis, thick skin, and subcutaneous tissue. The heat produced by such ultrasonic vibrations promotes blood and lymph circulation, improving metabolism, and helps to maintain and promote clean and healthy skin by micro-massage effects and cleansing effects on deep skin layers. Also, mild vibration effects on subcutaneous tissue produces lipolysis effect, helping to maintain healthy and flexible body line.

1. 기계적 진동작용
기계적 진동작용
2. 열작용 및 온도상승표
열작용 및 온도상승표

Galvanic ion

Galvanic is a current which uses safe direct current with low voltage, whose direction of current does not change. Galvanic has positive (+) and negative (-) poles, where cation (+) moves to anion (-). DIONE is a skin cosmetics equipment which uses such principle to absorb cosmetics components that are remaining deep inside skin layers and to discharge wastes from skin layers.

Hand Massage

Phased management system

Hand Massage
DIONE, adapter, holder, manual, box
Product Skin management beauty equipment
Model name DIONE
Manufacturer DIONE KOREA Co., Ltd.
Rating voltage AC100~240V / 50~60Hz
Adapter power DC 15V, 1A
Rating capacity 7 VA
Safety certification
on electronic appliances