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1.Power supply, 2.Indication lamp for cleansing, massage, nutrient supply, and lifting, 3.Strength adjustment lamp, 4.Strength adjustment button, 5.Ion chip for facial parts, 6.Far-infrared radiation/vibration, 7.Selection button, 8.Battery charging lamp, 9.Ion chip for hand parts
Galvanic ion function
Safely rectified current which uses cations (+) and anions (-) to ionize water-soluble cosmetics and helps it to be absorbed and delivered to skin
Far-infrared function
Helps to manage damaged skin through heat treatment
Vibration function
Helps to reinforce skin elasticity using vibration function
Use of latest technology on parts contacting skin
Minimizes occurrence of skin troubles
Wireless charging method
Facilitates carrying and using the device


Galvanic ion function

Safely rectified current which uses two poles -positive (+) and negative (-)- to ionize and absorb water-soluble cosmetics into the skin and closes the pore after management. Also, helps to improve reddened skin from mild acne and to becloud melanin pigment, ionizing water-soluble components in cosmetics to facilitate its absorption and delivery.

Far-infrared function

Helps to revitalize skin damaged by UV rays. Helps skin management through heat treatment, improvement of blood circulation, and reinforcement of skin metabolism and regenerative capacity.

Vibration function

Brings elasticity to skin through contraction and relaxation of skin and muscle using unique vibration of the skin management equipment.

Use of new technology on parts contacting skin

Prevents occurrence of skin trouble


Box, DIONE PLUS, Pouch, Charging adapter, Manual, Ultrasonic clear gel
Product name Skin management cosmetics equipment
Model name Beauly Rating voltage AC100~240V / 50~60Hz
Adapter power DC 9V / 1.5A Length of main body 130 x 45 x25mm
Weight Approximately 100g Safety certification on electronic appliances SH10060-9002F